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Gina Z
Gina Z.
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Über mich
Sziastok/Hello, we are Gina and Tony, Budapest Lovers, newly married Couple and we are your Airbnb Hosts. We were both born and raised in mainland of China, moved to Hungary since 2011 due to the international student exchange program (AIESEC), it seemed the best choice as we are enjoying Budapest and Europe pretty much :) About Gina: Gina has a relocation business for international investors' settlement in Budapest, so far she has assisted more than 200 client's with education, real estate, consultancy, etc in the past 2 years. Besides, Gina is a registered barista, swimmer, blogger, and world traveler (3 continents, 25 countries and to be continue...) About Tony: Tony's main job is IT sales director in a U.S software company, but in his heart he is an artist :) Tony plays piano, Guitar, sings in a band too. He is passionately fond of classic music and our lovely German Shepherd MingMing. Tony enjoys all sorts of (business and leisure) trips and experiences(5 continents , 27 counties and to be continue...) As hosts we are eager to show you that side of Budapest you came to see, so do not hesitate for a moment to ask, especially if you are interested in the authentic. Anyways you don’t even really have to, because we love to talk about it :) Hosting guests in our own apartments makes Budapest a haven for us because we love meeting new people and making new connections, showing tons of awesome places in our way. Eventually you’ll be the absolute winner of our passion, because we’ll recommend you great, authentic places to go instead of the mainstream ;) Hope to see you in one of our stylish, comfy, made-for-you flat! Cheers Gina&Tony

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