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Help Center Help for tenants Move-in and move-out How does the move-in process work?
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How does the move-in process work?

In addition to physically receiving the keys, you also sign the handover protocol, which is an important part of a proper handover. However, it may happen that the landlord forgets about the protocol and doesn't ask you to sign it. In this case, we strongly recommend you to sign this document also in your own interest. So, feel free to remind the landlord about this step and insist that it be signed.

There you'll find a record of the condition of the accommodation at the time of handover (and any defects), including availability of electricity, gas, water, etc.. Don't forget to take pictures of the handed over accommodation and add to the handover protocol all the details you want to be recorded - this is a precaution in case of unforeseen events and makes potential disagreements easier to solve for both parties.

Smooth (unproblematic) handover

If the accommodation matches the presentation at the time of the reservation request and you take the key from the landlord together with the signature of the handover protocol, it can be assumed that there was a smooth handover of the accommodation. A smooth handover must be confirmed by sending an email to [email protected] so that we can forward the first rent to the landlord (on the next working day after receiving the confirmation).

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