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Help Center Help for landlords Wie funktioniert Flatio und warum zahlt es sich aus? Can a tenant visit a flat listed on Flatio in person?
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Can a tenant visit a flat listed on Flatio in person?

Flatio’s virtual tours replace the traditional personal tours for potential tenants. We offer a photo service and, in addition to still photographs, create a 360° virtual tour for property listings. These virtual tours help us get as many offers as possible for landlords. However, if you would like to give a personal tour to a potential tenant, you can.

What do you need to create a professional-looking property listing?

The first step is to sign up for Flatio! Then, create a new listing and access My Rentals. From this page, you can easily order our photographer, who will arrange a time with you to visit your property and take photos. The resulting still photos are then processed and inserted into your offer within one week; if you would like a virtual tour created, please allow up to two weeks.

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