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How to work with the Handover Protocol?

One of the steps in handing over your flat in person (and take it back from tenant in person) is the signing of the handover and takeover protocol. These protocols are an important part of the whole process both for record-keeping of the handing/taking over of your apartment and because these protocols are important for claiming the Damage Coverage Guarantee (if you are entitled to it).

We will not, of course, make you sign these protocols. But please note that without signing the protocols you cannot claim the Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee in case your property gets damaged during the tenant’s stay.

Template (form) of handover or takeover protocol when moving in or out

The template of the handover and takeover protocol can be found directly In the My Rentals app.

  1. Click your name in the top right corner. Then in the My Profile section select the Documents option.
  2. Here, in the Handover and takeover protocol section, you’ll find the documents in different languages and formats.

Please print out both protocols and when you are handing/taking your apartment over fill it in and sign it together with the tenant. We recommend filling in all information that’s worth noting including ones that the tenant requests (typically dents in furniture and the like).

It's also necessary to support the protocols with photographs of the accommodation (with a timestamp) ideally made on the day when the apartment is handed/taken over.

If any damage occurred during the tenant's stay, agree with the tenant on its solution (compensation), and record the damage together with this solution in the takeover protocol during the takeover of the housing back from the tenant.

What to do with a signed protocols?

Keep the printed and signed protocols in a safe place. However, you can also upload the digital copy (whether as a scan or a photograph) directly to each individual the tenant in the My Rentals app.

  1. Open the Tenants section and select the specific tenants (by clicking their name).
  2. In the submenu, found at the top under the tenant’s photograph and phone number, select the Agreements option.
  3. Click on Detail of the relevant agreement. 
  4. Here, in the Uploaded files section, click the green button with the + icon.
  5.  In the now displayed form select the File type (Handover protocol (move-in) or Takeover protocol (move-out)) and the specific File. By clicking the Choose file button you can search for the digital copy of your protocol in your computer.
  6. The sections File name and Note do not have to be filled in but doing so helps organizing your agreements.
  7. Save this process by clicking Save.

Finally, we must emphasize that if there are any property damages during the tenant’s stay then the protocols (signed by both parties when the tenant is moving in/out) are the main documents based on which you can apply for Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee. You can read more about Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee in an article here.

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