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Help Center Help for landlords Move in and move out of tenant The tenant left behind a mess and / or other damage. What should I do?
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The tenant left behind a mess and / or other damage. What should I do?

This situation is best prevented by personal presence when taking over the housing from the tenant, when it's possible to immediately check the housing and in case of any problems to solve everything directly with the tenant. For example, if you find the housing to be very dirty, you can agree with the tenant about additional cleaning costs or tell the tenant that an invoice/billing document will be sent to the tenant for reimbursement after additional cleaning by an external company.

Please note that additional cleaning costs cannot be claimed from the Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee deposit. However, if your apartment or any of its furniture was damaged during the tenant's stay and you do not have a classic deposit set in the Flatio web application (for stays of 180 days or more) for this housing, you can use the Flatio Damage Coverage Guarantee deposit. More about the conditions of the guarantee deposit can be read in a separate article here.

However, to avoid any problems or misunderstandings, we strongly recommend contacting the tenant before moving out and communicating with him/her the need for proper cleaning and restoration of the housing to the state in which it was handovered. If this is possible, you can also recommend the tenant's cleaning service to guarantee the result you expect from the final cleaning. However, it is possible that the tenant will refuse your recommendation and will provide the cleaning itself - at that moment it is necessary to respect the tenant's decision.

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