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Help Center Help for landlords Payments How much commission does Flatio take for its services?
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How much commission does Flatio take for its services?

Flatio takes a small commission from every rental payment to fund our services for you.

Commission amount

The amount of commission is determined when you start advertising on Flatio, and you can find it in the Agency Contract you sign when you set up a new property listing advertisement. You can view the commission amount in My Rentals.

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner and go to Documents under the My Profile section.
  2. Press Read button to show the Agency Contract document you have signed. Commission amount is specified in Article 4.

Currently, Flatio’s commission for landlords renting whole apartments is 7.5% (+ 21% VAT). For landlords renting a single room, the commission is 5% (+ 21% VAT).

NOTE: Please note that these are current commission rates. Flatio reserves the right to change commission fees in the future.

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