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Help Center Help for tenants How does Flatio work? Do I have to pay a deposit or any extra fees on Flatio?
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Do I have to pay a deposit or any extra fees on Flatio?

We want to be extremely fair and transparent at Flatio. By filling in the Move in and Move out fields in the reservation request section in an offer detail you’ll be able to see a complete list of all fees and rents including their payment dates. So you won’t be unpleasantly surprised.

The fees you pay for renting an apartment via Flatio include a one-time reservation fee of CZK 500 (€ 19), which is charged from your credit/debit card at the time of reservation request approval by the landlord (at that moment it also becomes non-refundable), and a one-time service fee, which belongs to Flatio and is used to cover the costs of acquiring the lease, development of Flatio systems, and providing customer support throughout the whole lease.

However, do not expect the deposit for rentals shorter than 180 days, commission, or cleaning fees with us!

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