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Jiří N. Tenant
Zatím docela spokojenost. Napište mi znova až po mém pobytu.
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17.09.2022 Wien
Srimanta M. Tenant
Very Easy process
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17.09.2022 Prag
Nayara G. Tenant
Transparencia y seguridad.
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16.09.2022 Budapest
Imogen B. Tenant
Its ease of use and the clarity of the process.
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16.09.2022 São João das Lampas
Valère D. Tenant
Very good and good design
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16.09.2022 Braga
Sandra K. Tenant
Services of Flatio are highly professional and reliable.
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15.09.2022 Bratislava
Fadiora P. Tenant
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15.09.2022 Budapest
Małgorzata W. Tenant
Transparency, ease of use, cancellation policy; specific target of people looking short-term accommodation.
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15.09.2022 Alicante
Jarin K. Landlord
asi jo
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14.09.2022 Prag
Michal P. Tenant
Nic mne nenapadá
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04.09.2022 Prag
Michal P. Tenant
Přehlednost webových stránek
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30.06.2022 Prag
Robert R. Tenant
It looks like a great way to find medium term lettings.
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14.09.2022 Brünn
Peerapa Sasiratna & N. Tenant
Friendly use, helpful with future plans.
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14.09.2022 Armação de Pêra
Christina S. Tenant
I like the easy we of Göttingen through the process...:)
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14.09.2022 Funchal
Cheryl R. Tenant
Ease of reservations
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14.09.2022 Vila Nova de Gaia
Liliana L. Landlord
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12.09.2022 Estoril
David B. Tenant
great user experience
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12.09.2022 Prag
Fernando Antonio Julio Da S. Tenant
qualidade e preço
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12.09.2022 Lissabon
Ladislava R. Landlord
I appreciate a good support from Flatio.
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11.09.2022 Prag
Antonia F. Tenant
I love the ease of navigation on the platform plus, of course, the prices and the security they have.
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11.09.2022 Prag
Anna P. Tenant
Dobra obsługa
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11.09.2022 Warschau
Vumbhoni Sharon B. Tenant
I love that there are pictures of all the rooms in the place and everything is explained perfectly
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10.09.2022 Rijeka
Riksha T. Tenant
i can exactly what i look for.
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10.09.2022 Albufeira
Massil Y. Tenant
Everyone can find a flat easily
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10.09.2022 Lagos