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Bruno O. Tenant
A great tool that helps a lot for people who are coming to Portugal.
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28.09.2022 Santo Estevão
Stan R. Tenant
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29.09.2022 Lissabon
Rethabile M. Tenant
I got Reference from OCXEE LTD,
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28.09.2022 Warschau
Orla L. Tenant
Easy to use and informative
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27.09.2022 Prag
Charles S. Tenant
Price, location and flexabilty
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27.09.2022 Portimão
Victoria M. Tenant
Convenient booking and clear website layout, free reservation was available.
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27.09.2022 Lissabon
Daniel C. Tenant
Housing choices in our area of interest.
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27.09.2022 Tavira
Asit K. Tenant
I liked the Flatio booking process.
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27.09.2022 São Martinho do Porto
Liliia Y. Tenant
There is a problem with fillets and flexible dates. If we could choose +/- a few days, it would be much better. As it is, I have to change the filters manually all the time.
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26.09.2022 Prag
Assaad K. Tenant
Simple, easy to use
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26.09.2022 Prag
Iago V. Tenant
That it is flexible and great for some urgent movement
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26.09.2022 Portalegre
Barnabas S. Landlord
I would like to have more prospects.
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25.09.2022 Budapest
Tetiana M. Tenant
All was ok. And thank you for the reminders :)
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24.09.2022 Prag
Mike F. Tenant
Better customer support and more tenant-friendly refund policies
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25.09.2022 Lagos
Adam Ł. Tenant
Everything was good so far, but luckily I have not experienced any trouble to check support etc ;)
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25.09.2022 Lissabon
Pavlína P. Tenant
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25.09.2022 Brünn
Elena K. Tenant
Jednoduché vyhledávání. Přehledné informace
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31.07.2022 Prag
Yama Y. Tenant
it look really great
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25.09.2022 Warschau
Claudio G. Tenant
Prices seem fair
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25.09.2022 Barcelona
Vladimir L. Tenant
Very friendly UX 👍 Flat's database is also OK!
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25.09.2022 Ericeira
Iolanda B. Landlord
The way you calculate your fee should consider a value before taxes. It should be possible to introduce a price before taxes.
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24.09.2022 Lissabon
Josef K. Tenant
Mala nabidka. jeste pred rokem jste meli nabidku sirsi.
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25.07.2022 Prag
Valeria V. Tenant
Egyszeru es atlathato
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24.09.2022 Budapest
Roland B. Tenant
Excellent. Customer service was 2nd to none.
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23.09.2022 Funchal