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Get a full stay protection.
Your safety is our priority!

Stay Benefits - Powered by AXA

Included in your rent is liability coverage up to €20,000 for the duration of your stay. You are also backed by assistance services up to €500 for issues like locked doors and household appliance repairs, among others. Coverage even extends to certain cat/dog damages. This exclusive offer applies to all stays that do not require a deposit. 24/7 online support.

Balanced visa-friendly lease agreement

All tenants are covered by Flatio lease agreement which is visa-friendly, available in 7 languages. With 30-day termination notice and simple extensions or terminations, you're flexible.

Move-in Guarantee with a 24/7 emergency line

On a move-in day and the following day, you can easily call for up to 7 days of alternative accommodation and an immediate full money refund. See the list of cases when you're eligible for the Move-in Guarantee below.

100% money protection

Flatio: Your shield against scams. Just follow our process, communicate, and transact exclusively on our platform for secure, scam-free experiences. We'll keep your money until you safely move in.

Deposit-free policy

Steer your cash flow and avoid potential disputes over deposit refunds. We guide landlords to not collect deposits (except being forced by law) to deliver you a seamless rental experience.

7 days a week support

On Flatio we are with you until you move-out. You can contact us anytime and we will do our best to help you. All requests resolved within 24 hours.

Stay Benefits - Powered by AXA

Your Flatio is empowered with the Stay Benefits package, which we developed for you in partnership with AXA. This package is completely free of charge. It ensures a comprehensive, worry-free living experience.

Get liability coverage up to €20,000 for the entirety of your stay, safeguarding you from unexpected incidents. Also, we offer assistance services up to €500 cumulatively for common home issues like locked doors or malfunctioning appliances. Not to forget, it covers specific dog/cat-related damages too! And for any of those cases, you can use the 24/7 online support.

All these exceptional benefits apply only to stays that don't require a deposit.

You can read all about the specifications in our Help Center.

Liablity coverage
up to €20,000
Assistance services
up to €500
24/7 online support
for all Stay Benefits services


How can I report the damage?

To report a new damage of the landlord’s property that you accidentally caused, it's essential to contact your landlord as soon as possible. Be sure to provide them with all the necessary information about the incident, including any supporting photos or videos. The landlord is then responsible for taking further steps, with assistance from AXA as the insurance company.

In case you've already paid for the damage repairs out of your own pocket, you can contact AXA Assistance directly to request reimbursement for the expenses you've already incurred. You can find the contact information in the "Contact" section of your profile.

What if the damage is caused by my cat or dog?

No worries, Stay Benefits include this kind of damage as well! We’ve got you covered.

What if I cause damage after drinking alcohol?

Unfortunately, if it's stated that the damage is directly related to any substance abuse, the damages won't be covered by the insurance company as this is one of the exclusions. In such scenarios, you would be responsible for fully bearing the cost of the damages.

I have problems with the internet connection, will somebody help me?

Of course, we’ve got you covered!

Stay Benefits include two 1-hour consultations with IT assistance. All you need to do is reach out to AXA assistance using the contact information provided in the "Contact" section of your profile. Their 24/7 online support ensures you’ll get help whenever you need!

I locked my entrance door or lost the keys. I couldn't get inside. What can I do?

If you ever find yourself needing locksmith services, rest assured that AXA Assistance is just a call away. They are here to help you find an available professional and cover the expenses.

Alternatively, you can locate a locksmith by yourself. Once services are rendered and you receive an invoice, simply forward this to AXA, and they will handle the subsequent charges.

In what cases can I use a 24/7 line?

The 24/7 online line provided by AXA Assistance can be used to:

  • seek immediate help from Stay Benefits for issues such as internet connection problems or household appliance malfunctions,
  • report any accidentally caused damages in the property,
  • ask for reimbursement of already received and paid damages or assistance services,
  • deal with issues during the move-in and request lease withdrawal connected to Move-in Guarantee.
What is the difference between StayProtection and Stay Benefits?

StayProtection for Tenants is a Flatio coverage that applies to you at all times, no matter which property you choose for your stay. It was designed to protect you, your money, and your peace of mind throughout your entire Flatio experience.

Stay Benefits is then a special part of the StayProtection coverage which doesn't come with all Flatio properties, as their availability depends on the landlords’ settings. Its main focus is to cover you in case something breaks or gets damaged during your stay.

Can I feel safe if a listing offers only StayProtection coverage (without Stay Benefits)?

Of course! While Stay Benefits provide extra coverage in specific situations, you remain well-protected even without them. Our standard StayProtection plan ensures comprehensive coverage, including an exclusive Move-in Guarantee, so you can always feel secure and protected when renting via Flatio.

Balanced visa-friendly lease

Balanced visa-friendly lease agreement

Our lease agreement, designed with equality in mind, ensure that landlords and tenants enjoy the same rights. You also benefit from great flexibility, with easy extensions and a straightforward 30-day termination notice, laying the groundwork for a worry-free stay.

We're committed to meeting the needs of our worldwide tenant community, which is why our lease is available in 7 languages. Plus, it's visa-friendly, smoothing your journey to global exploration.

And the best part? The entire process is digital. Our lease is generated and signed online so everything can be wrapped up in just few minutes.


Does the lease agreement differ from country to country?

Our lease agreement varies slightly by country as we always follow all the local laws and regulations. Therefore, some parts might be different because of certain legal requirements of the location.

But don’t worry, you can always check out the exact lease that will apply to your reservation before you book a place to stay. We put the appropriate lease template in each listing detail.

How can I get a lease agreement with the landlord's hand signature?

Sure you can! Although a physically signed lease agreement is not provided automatically because we work with electronic signatures, you can always ask your landlord to send you a copy that is manually signed by them.

Many of our landlords are familiar with this need, especially since numerous tenants require a hand-signed agreement for visa applications.

Can landlords have their own lease agreement?

Such an option is not available via Flatio. We prioritize the protection of our tenants and strive to ensure all transactions are legitimate and legal, preventing any form of fraudulent activity. Therefore, when you rent via Flatio, you will always sign a lease agreement that we've carefully designed to preempt any potential issues that could negatively impact your renting experience.

Move-in Guarantee with a 24/7 emergency line

Our agents manually check and approve every single landlord and listing before they can be advertised on Flatio. To avoid any fraud, they get in direct contact with each landlord before advertising their properties.

We understand how a situation when your accommodation isn't as advertised or when your landlord doesn't show up for the handover can ruin your plans. That's why we're doing our best to avoid this from happening. And if, despite all of that, things don't go as planned, we've prepared a Move-in Guarantee for you, with a dedicated 24/7 line ensuring you'll get help whenever needed.

Our Move-in Guarantee ensures you will get an immediate full refund of the rent and service fee. We'll also pay for up to 7 days of an alternate accommodation (up to 125% of your original daily rent price). Plus, we'll help you find another place for your stay and you'll get a discount of 100% on the service fee for your next reservation via Flatio.

We aim to make your move-in as smooth as possible.

Move-in Guarantee with a 24/7 emergency line


In what cases I'm eligible to claim the Move-in Guarantee?

You can claim the lease withdrawal connected to our Move-in Guarantee if:

  • the accommodation doesn't match the listing description provided at the time of the reservation request; or
  • staying in the original accommodation is not possible for other reasons and the condition cannot be remedied immediately.

You can see all the details and specific example cases in this article.

Who should I contact to claim the Move-in Guarantee?

In such cases, it’s important to reach out as soon as possible for immediate resolution. You can choose to contact Flatio’s Customer Care team via email at [email protected], or you can use the 24/7 emergency line provided by AXA Assistance. The emergency phone number will be sent to you on your move-in day via email and SMS.

Whichever method you choose, please make sure to provide all necessary details, along with any supporting evidence to help our understanding of your concern and avoid any delays in the resolution time.

When is the deadline for claiming the Move-in Guarantee?

The lease withdrawal is possible until 20:00 on the day after the start date stated on the lease agreement. So, for example, if your lease starts on Monday, you have until 20:00 the next day (Tuesday) to use the Move-in Guarantee service.

Please note that to be able to claim the Move-in Guarantee, you need to inform Flatio’s Customer Care team or AXA Assistance about the withdrawal and provide all supporting evidence by this deadline.

Does the landlord get a chance to fix the issue?

Each case is specific. If we see that the issue could be easily fixed, we give the landlord 48 hours to make up for their mistake.

Take, for example, if you've been placed in a property different from the one you booked - in such cases, the landlord is given the chance to relocate you to the right property, thus avoiding contract termination. Or if there is an important piece of equipment (e.g. fridge) missing, making it impossible for you to stay in accommodation, we give the landlord time to deliver their promise.

Additionally, there are also other ways to avoid the withdrawal, as long as both you and the landlord agree on a different solution. Options might include a reduction in rent, or the landlord offering you an alternative, more suitable property to stay in.

How fast will I get my money back?

We treat these cases as top priority, guaranteeing the fastest possible refund. In most cases, we're able to process the refund on the same day you sign the lease termination. And rest assured, providing we have your bank account information, it will never take more than 3 days to send all the money back to you.

100% money protection

100% money protection

Our innovative processes are designed to minimize the scams.

By making sure to only communicate and make payments via Flatio, you're guaranteed a secure, scam-free experience. This way, your money always remains safely with us until you've successfully moved in.

We believe that peace of mind is crucial when it comes to finding your new home, and that's exactly what we aim to provide.

Deposit-free policy

Experience the freedom of deposit-free living with Flatio. We've transformed the rental process, and we're encouraging landlords to forget collecting deposits wherever it's legally possible.

This delivers a seamless rental experience and eliminates the financial burden of large upfront deposit payments.

At Flatio, the world is your home. Our deposit-free policy offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience, allowing you to start living more and worrying less today!

Deposit-free policy
7 days a week support

7 days a week support

From listing your property to finalizing leases, our dedicated team is at your side, ready to make your journey effortless. With dedicated support in multiple languages, we promise to resolve all your queries within 24 hours at latest, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

So, why wait? Join the Flatio family!

Begin a stress-free rental experience. With Flatio, you’re not just renting - you’re #StayProtected!

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