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15 most asked questions by Tenants

How long are the leases I can find on Flatio?
Not sure about stay length limitations on Flatio? Even though we're focused on mid-term rentals, we allow all rental types! See the details…
What is included in the rental price?
Wish to know what's included in the rental prices on Flatio? All the crucial expenses! Use this article to learn all the details.
Do I have to pay a deposit or any additional fees on Flatio?
How does Flatio's no-deposit policy work, and why are there some listings requiring a refundable deposit? Find out below!
Can I personally visit the chosen accommodation before moving in?
Would you like to visit the property before making an official decision about booking it? Find out how this works on Flatio!
What is the service fee and why do I have to pay it?
Learn all about the one-time service fee - why it's paid, how it's calculated, and what services we provide you with in exchange!
How can I book my selected accommodation?
What does the Flatio reservation process look like and how can it be done? See our guidance in this explanatory article!
Can I contact the landlord before I make a reservation request?
Do you have any additional questions about the property or would you like to ask the landlord something else? See how you can contact them!
Can I cancel my reservation request?
Have you changed your mind about the accommodation after creating a reservation request? In this article, you can learn how it can be canceled…
What happens after the landlord approves my reservation request?
Wondering what process follows after a landlord accepts your reservation request? The next steps are up to you! Learn more below.
When do I have to pay the rent?
Wondering how the payment due dates are set and why? There's a simple system! Check out our explanations in this article.
What methods can be used to pay the rent?
Not sure about Flatio's payment options or what you should do if your payment doesn't go through? See this article for our guidance!
Can I get an invoice or other proof of rent payment?
How does the invoicing work on Flatio and who can provide you with these billings? Read this article to see all you need to know!
Can I terminate the lease agreement before I move in? (Cancelation policy)
Do you need to cancel an already valid lease agreement? Find out how it can be done and learn all about our cancelation policies!
How does the move-in process work?
In this article, you can find out what happens during your move-in, and see our recommendations for avoiding misunderstandings down the road.
Can I terminate the lease agreement early (after I've moved in)?
Are you already accommodated but need to leave the property earlier than originally agreed? This article will tell you how to handle it!
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We recommend you only communicate via the Flatio system to avoid any future problems or misunderstandings.

29 most asked questions by Landlords

How does Flatio work?
In this article, you can find a simple summary of the Flatio renting process. Learn all you need to know before listing your property!
What furniture and equipment does Flatio require properties to provide?
Which equipment/amenities must be available in your property? Use this article to understand what your property needs to provide at all times.…
How much does it cost to list my rental property on Flatio?
Curious how Flatio varies from other rental platforms? In this article, you can learn about our commission system and how it all works.
Can a tenant visit an accommodation listed on Flatio in person?
Not sure what to do if a tenant contacts you with a personal property tour request? Find out how it can be handled and minimized!
How much is the commission that Flatio charges for its services?
In this article, you can find out what commission Flatio charges for their services, when the fee varies, and how it's paid.
Do I need high-quality photos on my Flatio listing?
Photos are one of the most crucial parts of your property advertisement. See our basic suggestions on how to take them properly!
Does Flatio provide me with a lease agreement?
Curious how it works with lease agreements and how the leases are concluded? Check out this article, where you can also view the lease…
Who's responsible for complying with the terms and conditions described in the lease agreement?
Learn who signs the lease, who is responsible for fulfilling all given obligations, and what should be done if any rule gets broken.
How to update your calendar availability
Understand the importance of keeping your calendar up-to-date, and read all about the manual and automatic solutions of the availability…
Is it possible to set the minimum or maximum duration of the lease?
Do you have any preferences regarding the reservations' length? Read this article to understand where and how you can set this in your profile…
How do I set the rental amount?
In this article, you can read a detailed guide for every price settings option Flatio offers. Learn how everything works!
Can I offer a better price for longer rentals?
Wondering about length-based discounts on Flatio? Below, you can find out what options we offer and how you can set them up.
Can I limit the number of people that will live in my property?
What if you don't want to use your property's maximum capacity and prefer accommodating fewer tenants instead? Learn how to set the…
I have received a reservation request. What should I do?
What happens when you receive a new reservation, how to accept/reject it, and what else should you know? Read all about the reservation…
Can I reject a reservation request? Is there any penalization?
This article serves for a complete understanding of our rejection policies. See how we categorize them and what are their limitations.
What happens after the booking request is accepted?
Learn how the lease signing process works, when the lease becomes officially valid, and what you can do if a tenant doesn't sign it in time.
Wie funktioniert die Unterzeichnung des Mietvertrages?
Nachdem der Vermieter eine Reservierungsanfrage angenommen hat, unterschreibt der potenzielle Mieter online einen Mietvertrag. Dies ist einer der…
What if a tenant does not sign the lease agreement or does not pay the first rent?
This article will lead you step-by-step through the process of lease cancelation, freeing your calendar for other, more serious tenants.
When do I get paid my rent?
Wonder how the payment schedule is set and when the rent will be sent to you? Use this article to understand all the details!
Where can I find an invoice for the commission fees?
Need invoices for the commission fee we have deducted from the rental payments? See where you can find all of them in one place!
The tenant didn't pay me on time. What should I do?
Even though these situations are very rare, this article will explain the basics of our precautions for when a tenant is late with paying the…
What must I remember to do when handing over a property?
From the preparation until the property handover - this article will lead you through the whole process of your tenant's move-in!
How to work with the Handover/Takeover Protocol?
Wonder where to find the protocol templates, how to handle them, or what processes are connected to them? Learn it all in this article!
Can I hand over my property to the tenant sooner or later than was stated in the rental agreement?
Wish to make any date changes within the lease? No problem! Below, you can find out all about the options for managing this adjustment.
How do I create a lease agreement amendment?
Would you or your tenant like to officially state any special agreement on the lease? Learn how to do it and check out our templates!
How can I extend a lease agreement?
Extending a lease on Flatio couldn't be easier! Below, you can learn how you can easily do it through your profile in the My Rentals web app.
Can either party terminate the lease agreement contract before it is scheduled to end? (Cancellation policy)
When and how can the lease be terminated, and what obligations are connected to it? Read all about such situations in this article.
How does the tenant move out?
Curious about what the move-out process should look like and what you should take care of? Use this article to understand it all!
Tenant has left a mess and/or other damage. What should I do?
Rental issues are every landlord's worry, but Flatio provides you with precautions. See how to avoid these problems or how to deal with them.
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