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Guide to listing a property on Flatio

Note: Ready to start onboarding a new property? Here's the link:

The first step is to tell Flatio what type of property you wish to list and which city it is in. You can offer whole flats/houses or separate rooms (Please note that renting only a bed is not available at Flatio and we do not include it in our types of listings). Let’s look at the steps to list a whole apartment, which is only a little bit different than listing a single room.

Creating a listing

Choose “I want to rent a flat/house/room” and the city where the property is located. If you don’t see the city in the menu, please contact us at [email protected] and we will add it to the system within a few hours. Then select Other. Clicking the Continue button will take you to a menu divided into two parts: information about your property and information about you.

Your property listing

In this section, you will fill in all the essential information needed to create your listing. You can easily edit anything later, in the My Rentals application. Once your My Rentals user account is set up, you'll be able to easily manage your property listings, reservations, tenants, etc.

  • Address - You must enter the street address, the building number, postal code, and city for the map menu and rental information to display correctly. Please note that autocomplete may provide suggestions for street and city names. However, this information is not enough and you should fill in all the details.
    If you have problems entering your exact address information, please email our Customer Care team at [email protected] with your full address. We will then manually adjust the address.
  • Property type - Describe the type of your property accurately by choosing the following types/sub-types: Flat, Loft, Penthouse, House, Villa, Family House, Rural House, Bungalow, etc.
  • Apartment - For apartments, you can select the number of bedrooms in a field right next to the number of people. 
  • Rooms - You have to specify the rooms available in the apartment and provide some basic information about each room. (For example, for bedrooms, you can indicate if it is a walk-through room, how many beds there are, and if it has its own bathroom. Or for studio flats, you can specify the number of beds in the living room.)
  • Equipment and amenities - In this section, you can select the equipment/amenities that are available for tenants to use under different sections, including: 
    • Basic furniture (sofa, wardrobe, mirror, etc.)
    • For the most convenient stay (bed linen, dishes, ironing board, mop, etc.)
    • Building matters (balcony, terrace, heating, etc.)
    • Extra features (fireplace, swimming pool, hot tub, garage, etc.)
    • Something for the kids (crib, stroller, changing table, toys, etc.)
    • Accessibility (wheelchair access, elevator, shower seat, etc.)
    • Security features (security lock, smoke detector, vault, etc.)
    • Internet
      Note: You can now specify the download and upload speed of the Internet (Wi-Fi) connection available in your accommodation. We highly recommend that you visit to get an accurate speed result and paste the link to the result page in the appropriate field. This could increase interest in your rental because we will show the result to potential tenants as proof of your accommodations’ Internet speed. 
    • Subscriptions included in the price (such as cable TV, Netflix, HBO MAX, Disney+, cleaning, breakfast, etc.) 
    • Electronic devices (air conditioning, TV, fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, Playstation, etc.) 

      Note: You should fill in the information in the “Equipment and amenities” section accurately and according to reality. The information you provide should also match the photos you upload. This section is very important for the tenants as many of them stay for at least 14 days and prefer not to bring a lot of equipment.

  • Headline and Description - The headline for your listing should be something that captures the greatest positive aspects of your property in a nutshell. Is your living room always flooded with sunlight? Mention it! Does it have unique or historic architecture? Don't be afraid to point it out! Then, the rest of the description should describe what else a tenant will find in the property. 
    We consider this an essential part of your listing, and so there is a separate guide for filling this out, which you can find here. Not in the right mood to write a masterpiece on the spot? Don't worry, you can access this section and add your headline and description later from My Rentals.
  • Photos - You can upload photos of your property now, but if you don’t have them ready right now, you can skip this step and add them later in My Rentals. The photos of your property are the main attraction for potential tenants. They are one of the top reasons someone interested in your property will click through to see the details. So make it a priority to upload high-quality, high-resolution photos that accurately represent your entire property.
  • Price and Availability - The price and available dates of your property are as important as photos for attracting potential tenants. To simplify the process of choosing these things, we have only included the basic pricing and availability settings in this step
    Later, in the My Rentals application, you can access advanced pricing and availability options. Now, please fill in the ideal rental price for your property. Remember that prices listed on Flatio must include utilities and our commission fee. Also, add the date of the first day from which the property is available for rent.

Information about you

To include your listing on the Flatio system and then publish it online, we also need some information about you.

  • Contact details - The most important thing is to provide us an email address and phone number we can use to contact you. We'll contact you with help from Customer Support and notify you when there is a reservation request or other communication from a tenant. We promise that this information will not be misused and only be used for communication between you and Flatio. Because of this, we also need your consent to process your personal data.
  • About you - Input your first and last name and a brief introduction that we can show potential tenants. Remember that potential tenants are not only interested in learning about your property but also in learning about you. We recommend you also include information about your hobbies, your experience as a landlord, and any special areas of interest you can help future tenants with.
  • Password - The last step of creating your user profile is to set a strong password. Choose your password wisely - we recommend it has both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters (the password strength indicator will assist you).

We are continually developing and modifying this guide and the property listing tool based on feedback from landlords and tenants.

Worried about missing a step in the process? Don’t be. If any of your information is missing, Flatio's customer support will contact you, and you'll be able to adjust the listing via My Rentals.

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