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Help Center Help for Landlords How to set prices How do I set the rental amount?
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How do I set the rental amount?

Whether or not a potential tenant chooses your property and makes a reservation request often depends on the rental price. In honesty, lower prices get more reservation requests. But that doesn’t mean that we recommend you put your prices extremely low; the amount you ask for rent is always your decision. On the My Rentals web app, you can experiment with posting different prices (e.g., if you aren’t getting as many reservation requests as you hoped) to see which range gives you the best response rate.

Keep in mind that the rental rates you post on Flatio must cover all charges for water, gas, energy, and heating service, as well as the commission fee from Flatio. The exception is if utility charges exceed 15% of the monthly rent; then you can ask for reimbursement.

Set price

Set the rent for a specific property in My Rentals:

  1. In the Properties section choose a concrete offer.
  2. Rental prices and duration. This is where you set the rent for either the entire apartment or individual rooms, depending on how you choose to rent.

We give you several options for setting the Flatio rental amount.

Basic rental setting

In the Basic rental settings section, set the monthly rental amount you’d like to receive for a rental of 30 consecutive days. Flatio uses this amount to calculate the price for different lengths of stay - for example, a person who wished to stay for 15 days would pay approximately half of the full amount for the month.

Advanced pricing or pricing by period

In the Advanced rental settings section, you can set the rental price for different periods. Do you want to take Christmas, Easter or other holiday high seasons into account? Do it right here. Click “+ Add new rental price” to access a form where you can fill in the relevant dates and the desired rent amount. Keep in mind that the rental price on a tenant's move-in date is kept for the entire lease agreement, even if you choose advanced pricing for a date within the agreement duration. 

So, for example, let's say you set a rental price of 1,000 EUR for the month of September and a price of 1,200 for December. A tenant wants to stay from September through January. He or she will pay only 1,000 EUR for each month of their stay at your property because that was the price when they moved in. But if a tenant moved in December and stayed through June, they would pay 1,200 for each month, since you set the rent at 1,200 for December.

Pricing by duration of reservation request

In the same menu item, you can also find Rental discount based on agreement duration section. This section allows you to favor booking requests for longer stays. So a potential tenant who books a longer stay would receive a discount off of the basic monthly rent. You can choose to discount stays of 30–89 days, 90–179 days, 180 days, or more.

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