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Help Center Help for Landlords Wie funktioniert Flatio und warum zahlt es sich aus? Does Flatio provide me with a lease agreement?
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Does Flatio provide me with a lease agreement?

The article was updated on 7. 6. 2024.

Curious how it works with lease agreements and how the leases are concluded? Check out this article, where you can also view the lease template!

Flatio arranges the whole lease signing process for both tenants and landlords. We provide you with a uniform lease agreement (you can view its template here) that is suitable for all rental types.

If, for any reason, the lease agreement doesn't suit you, it may be amended by a general amendment. However, the amendment must not contradict the general terms and conditions and must be signed by the other contractual party.

The lease itself is also signed by both contractual parties. Landlords sign the lease by accepting a reservation request, whereas tenants sign it online via an authorization code sent via SMS, then they need to upload a copy of their identification document and submit the first rental payment.

Once all these steps of the lease signing process are fulfilled, the lease agreement becomes valid and the tenant and the landlord must comply with all the terms and conditions set out in it. Non-compliance may result in penalties, which are based on both the lease agreement and the terms and conditions.

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