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Help Center Help for tenants How Flatio works Do I have to pay a deposit or any additional fees on Flatio?
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Do I have to pay a deposit or any additional fees on Flatio?

At Flatio, we strive to be as fair and transparent as possible. When you fill in the "Move-in" and "Move-out" fields in the booking request on a listing page, you’ll see a full list of all fees and rental prices, including their payment dates. This way you won't be unpleasantly surprised.

The only fee you pay for renting accommodation through Flatio is a one-time service fee paid to Flatio to cover the costs associated with the lease, Flatio systems development, and customer support throughout the rental period.

However, we have a deposit-free policy, guiding landlords not to collect deposits unless it’s legally required.

Note: Flatio landlords cannot require a security deposit for stays of less than 180 days (6 months). However, exceptions are made in certain regions of some countries, such as in Spain, where local laws require landlords to collect a security deposit, regardless of the length of stay. In such cases, a deposit can be charged even for short-term stays.

With Flatio, you can expect NO hidden fees for cleaning, utilities or anything else! 

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