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Help Center Help for tenants Reservation request What is the service fee and why do I have to pay it?
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What is the service fee and why do I have to pay it?

The service fee is a one-time fee payable with the first rent within the 24-hour lease signing window after the landlord approves the reservation request.

This fee allows Flatio to provide tenants with services such as:

  • Customer support before move-in, throughout the tenant's stay, and after move-out through multiple channels
  • Move-in Guarantee (This includes assistance in dealing with the situation when the tenant chooses to stay in a hotel room or an alternative accommodation if staying in the original accommodation is not possible for various reasons. You can find more information here.)
  • A very attractive cancelation policy
  • Payment only after the landlord has accepted the reservation (i.e. after the landlord has signed the lease agreement from their side)
  • A fair and balanced lease agreement in compliance with all applicable laws
  • Uniform lease agreements
  • Lease agreements translated into multiple languages
  • Verified landlords and properties for some listings
  • Virtual tours of the accommodation available in some countries
  • Possibility to contact the landlord directly before booking
  • Possibility to contact the landlord at their phone number and email address after the agreement has become valid, in addition to the possibility to contact them through the “Messages” section in the tenant’s profile
  • Informative content and guides about the location where the tenant will be staying
  • Reviews of landlord and accommodations from previous tenants
  • A highly selective process for listing properties on Flatio (only properties that are fully equipped, are available for monthly stays, and have a Wi-Fi Internet connection can be listed on Flatio.)
  • Automated solutions to simplify and streamline the rental process
  • A secure and simple payment system (including the possibility to pay with Bitcoin)
  • And many other services

How much is the service fee?

The amount of the service fee depends on a number of factors, especially the amount of the basic rent and the length of stay. The longer the reservation, the lower (in percentage) the service fee. You will be informed about the amount before you submit your reservation request. Just fill in the move-in and move-out fields in the offer details section and the system will show you a breakdown of all the payable amounts, including the service fee. See the example below: 

We assure you that the service fee is an investment worth making if you want to have a pleasant, smooth rental experience.


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