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Help Center Help for landlords Wie erstelle ich eine attraktive Immobilie auf Flatio? Can I limit the number of people that will live in my apartment?
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Can I limit the number of people that will live in my apartment?

Yes, of course! Flatio even gives you the option of setting the maximum number of people that can move into your apartment. We provide this option because we are aware of the fact that it’s not always desirable to fill the maximum capacity of an apartment. Some landlords feel better when there are fewer tenants in their apartment (even though its capacity is higher). The maximum number of tenants does not need to reflect the maximum capacity of the apartment. You can set it according to your preferences.

Set the number of tenants

You can set the maximum number of tenants for a given accommodation in the section My rentals. 

  1. In the Properties section choose the desired accommodation (by clicking its name)
  2. In the editing menu choose the item General information.
  3.  In the section named Beds and persons you will find a window named Maximum number of tenants which you can change according to your preferences.
  4. Save the value in the section by clicking Save.

NOTE: The maximum number of tenants is one of the required pieces of information for the activation of advertising – without it, the advertising of your rental cannot be turned on. The app will notify you if you have not specified this detail.

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