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Help Center Help for Landlords How to set prices Can I offer a better price for longer rentals?
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Can I offer a better price for longer rentals?

Certainly! On Flatio you can set a percentage discount according to the length of the reservation. This favors longer-term tenants and helps you secure a wide range of reservations.

Set a discount  

Follow these steps in My Rentals to set up a discount:

  1. In the Properties section choose a concrete property.   
  2. In the editing menu, select the item Rental prices and duration.
  3. You can see three intervals under “Rental discount based on agreement duration”:
    • 30 to 89 days
    • 90 to 179 days
    • 180 days or longer
  4. Enter the percentage discount for each interval as you wish to apply it.
  5. Save.
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