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I have received a reservation request. What should I do?

Once the Flatio team activates your property and the database refreshes, your property will be visible on Flatio's portal and potential tenants will be able to search for your flat.

We know you're excited to get your first reservation requests, so, to help potential tenants find your property quickly, Flatio will prioritize your newly activated property in our listings for a short time.

New reservation request

When a potential tenant submits a reservation request, Flatio will automatically send you an email notification and an SMS. You have 24 hours to accept or decline the request. The sooner you decide, the better - your response times are displayed in your owner profile and can be viewed by potential tenants. In addition, because we want to encourage landlords to respond quickly, faster response times earn your properties a higher place in our listings when you use "recommended sorting". 

It is your right to decline a reservation request. However, please note that to prevent abuse of our system and encourage serious renters, Flatio has a policy called the 3 Rejection Rule. This means that, if you decline 3 requests within 90 days (for any reason), Flatio automatically stops listing your property and potential tenants will no longer see it on our portal. Now, of course, there are times when declining a request is necessary! So, please discuss the reason you did not wish to accept the request with our customer support team ([email protected]). We will review your options with you and both your and our expectations for further bookings.

IMPORTANT! If you do not respond to a reservation request within 24 hours of receiving it, Flatio counts it as declined, and it is counted toward the 3 Rejection Rule.

How can I accept/decline a reservation request?

There are two ways to access a reservation request in My Rentals.

From Dashboard

  1. You can see the Reservation box on the home page.
  2. Clicking on the new request takes you directly to the booking details, where you see all the information the potential tenant has submitted about their request.

In the Reservation section

  1. By clicking on this section you'll see all reservations you received.
  2. The More button takes you to the detail of reservation, where you can see all the information about it.

The details of the booking request also show you the potential tenant’s information, including the results from Flatio’s background checks (if applicable).

If you do not like the request, click the "Decline" button to reject it. When you decline a booking, the system asks you to select a reason why. You can choose both a public reason (this is mandatory and the tenant will see it) and a private reason (only Flatio will see it).

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