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Can I decline a reservation request? How does the 3 Rejections Rule work?

Of course, you can decline a request! However, we do note it. Flatio tries to guarantee that everyone on our platform - both tenants and landlords - is serious about the rental process. We don’t want to disappoint either side, so we keep a close eye on declined requests and we categorized rejections at Flatio into authorized and unauthorized for further work with them.

Rejection is considered as authorized if the tenant does not respect the requirements you have published in your listing (such as asking to bring a dog when you don't accept pets or trying to have more people stay than your flat is meant for).

Unauthorized rejections cover the rest of the cases, especially declining a request because you did not have your property’s availability set correctly, because of poorly set prices, or wrongly set other property's attributes (as the length of tenant's stay), etc.

At the moment of rejection it's always considered as unauthorized (that's the default state) and if you feel that the rejection should be set as justified, please contact our customer support team ([email protected]) to check it (and your expectations for further bookings).

3 Rejections Rule

If you make three unauthorized rejections within 90 days for a particular property, we automatically disable the property listing’s advertisement on Flatio. This is the 3 Rejection Rule

IMPORTANT! If you do not respond to a reservation request within 24 hours of receiving it, Flatio counts it as declined and it is counted toward the 3 Rejection Rule.

Recommended procedure for declining a reservation

We totally understand that are occasions where you have to decline a reservation and that’s totally fine. That's why we also think that it would be nice to include some insights with the potential tenant so they know exactly what happened and why their request was rejected. 

If pricing is not right

You can let the tenant know that you will update the price and perhaps make a different proposal with the updated price. Please note that the final price you add for your offer needs to include all bills and Flatio commission. You can learn more about it here.

If availability is not right 

Please let the tenant know the calendar wasn’t up to date and let them know what is the current availability and that you will make sure to update the calendar so what is shown on Flatio is accurate. You can learn more about how to keep your availability up to date here

If the tenant’s profile doesn’t match your criteria 

In case the reason for declining the request was because the tenant’s profile did not meet your criteria, explain politely your reasons and in case you were just missing some information from the tenant, you can ask them to provide you with whatever information you’ll need to feel confident and comfortable to accept their request.

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