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Help Center Help for Landlords Mietvertrag How can I extend a lease agreement?
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How can I extend a lease agreement?

If you and your tenant want them to stay longer than you initially agreed, there are two ways to handle it.

  • Create a new reservation request for your home or another owner's home.
  • Apply for an extension of the existing lease agreement.

If there is mutual satisfaction and your apartment is available for the requested period, you can easily extend the contract directly from My Rentals.

How do I extend the contract?

  1. Select a tenant in the Tenants section of My Rentals.
  2. In the menu under the name, select the Agreements tab. You will see an overview of the contracts you have with this tenant.
  3. Click the Detail button for the lease agreement you are going to renew.
  4. Click the Prolong agreement button.
  5. In the following form, fill in the date to which you want to extend the contract.
  6. Save.

An amendment will be generated, and the tenant will need to sign it (via an online authorization code sent to the tenant’s mobile phone). The signed amendment is added to the basic lease agreement. Once the tenant has signed the amendment, our system sends you a notification email.

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