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Help Center Help for Landlords Mietvertrag What if a tenant does not sign the lease agreement or does not pay the first rent?
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What if a tenant does not sign the lease agreement or does not pay the first rent?

If a potential tenant does not complete the contractual process within 24 hours after you have accepted the reservation request, there may have been a problem with the transfer of funds to cover the first rent. It can happen that a transfer takes longer than our deadline and delays the whole process. When this happens, Flatio asks the tenant to send proof of payment to you or to our customer service. If we are satisfied that the tenant has completed everything correctly and the issue is only that the transfer is slow, then the rest of your contractual process with the tenant may be considered completed.

However, in the rare cases that a tenant does not send a payment receipt or does not respond when we ask them to finish the contract process, and you have not agreed on any other terms with this tenant, then the landlord has the right to withdraw from the lease agreement. Once again, you can do this in My Rentals.

How do I cancel a lease agreement?

In My Rentals application, you can cancel the Lease agreement two ways:

Method A:

  1. Select a reservation you are about to cancel in the Reservations section of My Rentals.
  2. Click the More button to show its detail.
  3. Click the Cancel agreement button in Lease agreement XXXXXXXX section.
  4. Press Cancel agreement to confirm.

Method B:

  1. Select a tenant in the Tenants section of My Rentals.
  2. In the menu under the tenant’s name, select the Agreements tab. You will see an overview of the contracts you have with the tenant.
  3. Click the Detail button for the rental agreement you are about to cancel.
  4. Click the See more button and choose Cancel.
  5. Press Cancel agreement to confirm.

The lease agreement proposal will be canceled and your flat will be immediately released and shown as available on Flatio again. If there is a mistake and you and the tenant decide to re-start the contract process, simply ask the tenant to send another reservation request.

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