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Help Center Help for landlords Move in and move out of tenant What must I remember to do when handing over a flat?
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What must I remember to do when handing over a flat?

Before the property handover

It is very important that you do the following before you hand over your flat to a tenant:

Compare the data in the lease agreement with the data on the tenant's identity card

Quickly review the rental agreement and tenant's ID card in My Rentals.

  1. Select a tenant in the Tenants section of My Rentals.
  2. In the menu under the tenant’s name, select the Agreements tab.
  3. Click the Detail button to see the lease agreement detail.
  4. Under Required documents and signatures, you can see the lease agreements (and any amendments) and the ID card.
  5. Click Show.

Check that the first rent has been paid

We advise landlords only to allow a tenant to move in if he or she has paid the first month’s rent. If you choose to let an unpaid tenant move in, it is at your own risk. See whether the tenant has paid or not in My Rentals.

  1. Select a tenant in the Tenants section of My Rentals.
  2. In the menu under the tenant’s name, select the Rentals tab.
  3. In the Payments for Agreement XXXXXXXX block, locate item 1. rental payment and its status.

Check the condition of your flat and its and equipment

Please pay close attention to this step!

Flatio guarantees tenants that when they move into a Flatio property, the actual state of the flat will match the photos and description that you included in your property listing. Your property must have all of the required and listed equipment. If the flat does not, in fact, match what you put in your advertisement on Flatio, then the tenant has the right to terminate the contract.

In particular, we recommend checking that the flat has clean towels and bed linen, the Internet works, and all appliances and light bulbs are in working order.

The property handover

According to the contract, the official property handover takes place on the day the lease agreement contract begins at 15:00 or later. However, you can agree with your tenant to hand over the flat at any time.

However, if you want to hand over housing before or after the lease starts, you need to create a general amendment to lease agreement (or by opening, modifying, and re-signing the lease agreement).

Set the terms of your appointment

Agree on the date and time you will hand over the property to the tenant. Ideally, you should do this through the Messages section of My Rentals so Flatio can ensure adequate support if you or the tenant need it.

Sign the Handover protocol

When you meet your tenant face to face to hand over the property, you must sign the Handover protocol. You can find it in My Rentals.

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner and then go to Documents in My Profile section.
  2. Select one of the Handover protocols (it is available in multiple languages) under the Handover and takeover protocols file.

Print out the protocol, fill it out, and sign it with the tenant. 

Ask the tenant to notify us that the handover is complete

When handing over the housing record the state of accommodation via photographs and don't forget to ask the tenant to send us a short message at [email protected] to notify us that everything has gone well. If the tenant is satisfied that the property is as advertised, then our customer support can arrange to send the first rent to you more quickly; it will be sent the business day after receiving the tenant's message.

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