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Help Center Help for Landlords Move in and move out of tenant Can I hand over my flat to the tenant sooner or later than was stated in the rental agreement?
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Can I hand over my flat to the tenant sooner or later than was stated in the rental agreement?

In short, yes, an earlier or later handover is possible. However, please note that when you approved the original reservation request, you created a lease agreement with that request’s details - including an exact breakdown of the rent for the originally approved period. When you agree with the tenant to hand over the property on a different date, it may be that the amount of rent the tenant owes you will also change. 

If the tenant moves in earlier than the original date, then they may owe you more money. If they move in later, you may need to pay them back. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and to ensure that everyone complies with what has been agreed upon, you will need to record the changes you want to make in the lease agreement. There are two ways to change or update the lease agreement:

The simple, quick option is to create a general amendment, available through My Rentals. In the amendment, note what date the tenant will move in and what amount of rental payments is owed for that period (calculated by the number of days). Include whether it is a balance owed to you or an overpayment that you must return to the tenant. Any general amendment must be signed by the tenant through our system using the authorization code.

Another (slower and more complicated) option is to edit the lease agreement. This is an adjustment that can only be made by the Flatio customer support team. Please send the request for your changes to [email protected] and attach a screenshot of communication with the tenant that proves their clear consent to edit the contract. The customer support team will then modify the lease agreement based on the agreed terms, and the system will prompt the tenant to re-sign with the authorization code.

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