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How does the tenant move out?

As soon as the lease agreement ends, the tenant must move out. Your tenants have a responsibility to leave your property in the condition in which they handovered it from you. This is why we ask that both tenants and landlords sign the takeover protocol with all relevant information (e.g. founded defects, damages and the agreement on their solution) and record the state of the accommodation when the tenant moves out through photographs, so there is a sufficient evidence in case of any disputable situations.

Although it's necessary to sign the takeover protocol by both parties we strongly recommend that you are personally present when tenant hands back the flat so that you can immediately check the condition of your property. If the tenant will handover the housing to another person, please properly instruct this person on how to take over the housing and what exactly should be checked.

Try to avoid the tenant leaving the housing without being checked by someone before his leaving!

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