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How can I book my chosen housing?

For successful renting of an apartment via Flatio it’s necessary to make a reservation request. Reservation request can be considered as your personal business card on which is based landlord’s decision if your request will be accepted or rejected. After placing a reservation request the landlord has 24 hours for acceptance (or rejection) of your request. 

Making of a reservation request is not difficult. First of all you need to choose the concrete offer (apartment or room) detail and open it in your browser.

Reservation section

On the right side of every offer detail, you find a reservation section. It’s necessary to fill-in Move in and Move out fields. If you will be able to select both dates, congratulations! The selected offer is probably available in these dates (it still depends on the last update of offer availability by its landlord). The system will show you the list of all rents and fees. Pressing the Reservation request button will redirect you to the Reservation summary.

  • Reservation details

In the reservation summary, you see the recapitulation of all important information from your unfinished reservation request. Please check this information, especially the reservation dates and the list of all rents. We strongly recommend reading the template of the Lease agreement and Cancellation policy to avoid possible future complications. 

Once you’ve reviewed all of the information in this summary, pressing the Next step button will take you to the second step.

  • Personal data

The next step of reservation request is filling in the details about yourself. Please remember that according to this kind of information the landlord makes his decision about accepting or rejecting your reservation request. We highly recommend to write down all you can in the About me part (in the case of a physical person), and Who will live in an apartment part (in the case of the company). In both cases is very important to mention the number of people that need an apartment and the purpose of your stay.

BEWARE! Fill in the correct contact details. We use the e-mail address and telephone number for the system/personal communication with you, and you will be able to log-in via these details to your My Housing account (which will be created along with the reservation request).

In this step, you can also fill in the discount code for a reservation fee or for the first rent if you have this kind of code.

  • Reservation confirmation

Pressing the Continue button will take you to the last step of reservation request where we show you previously entered information. Please check this information once again and when you be sure about it, by pressing on the Confirm reservation button you will be asked for payment of the reservation fee.

  • Payment of the reservation fee

The reservation fee can be paid only online via payment card to maintain the speed of the whole reservation process. The money for the reservation request is immediately blocked on your card and reservation request is successfully created and delivered to the landlord. The payment gate accepts the vast majority of the worldwide payment cards and in case of a sufficient money balance and correctly set online payment limits, a successful blocking of money occurs.

Sometimes there may not be a sufficient limit for online payments, a sufficient amount of money on your bank account, or the total daily limit for online payments is exceeded. In these cases it’s always necessary to contact your bank and solve these problems with this institution.

Don’t you have any payment card?

Although the Flatio is an online service and we assume that a major part of our users has valid payment card with sufficient limit, we can secure the payment of the reservation fee also by bank transfer. However, since the process is kinda lengthy, it is applicable only in situations if you are looking for accommodation for at least one week in advance.

But this way can be used only in situations you have enough time for finding an apartment. The money for the reservation fee has to be sent to our company’s account (the bank transfer lasts 2-3 working days) and once we receive this money we can generate you a 100% discount code for the reservation fee that can be applied in the second step of the reservation request process.

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