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Help Center Help for tenants Reservation request Can I cancel my reservation request?
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Can I cancel my reservation request?

Sure thing! The cancellation can be easily done from your account on Flatio (within My Housing web app).

There are two ways how you can do it - from the Actual reservation section on Dashboard or from the Reservations section in the left menu bar. Next steps are the same for both of these ways. 

  1. Within the chosen section click on the Detail button of the required reservation request.
  2. In the open detail of the reservation request click on the Cancel reservation button, which you can find on the right side under the landlord’s profile photo. Confirm the whole action.

Please keep in mind that this action is non-reversible and will cancel the whole reservation request along with the created draft of lease agreeement.

If you would change your mind in the near future, just create a new reservation request and wait for landlord's decision again.

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